Build Your Referral Network

How More Sales Happen. When you partner with us you will be asked to attend a monthly meeting where you will be introduced to fellow business leaders.  Each member will take an interest in helping you create more business and each will have their own level of expertise. In order to join with us each member […]

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The Website Success Everyone Wants

Gaining Internet Success I am asked by my clients what is it they can do to make their website a complete success all the time.  Nothing new in the question but it is hard for any new client to achieve a top ranking unless they follow a specific formula.  They all want a million hits […]

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A brief note from Jeff Watters of Havre de Grace design

I just wanted to reach out and introduce a service to help you increase your business. This service literally puts a salesperson on your payroll for almost nothing and you won’t have to match the FICA or pay healthcare cost.  With this service “You can stop wasting time chasing after the wrong leads and simply […]

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Search Engine Optimization in Harford County Maryland

So you need to ask yourself, what can I do to improve my websites search engine ranking? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has come to mean a lot of things to businesses. SEO is about the design strategies that one can implement to improve a website’s natural search engine ranking, but can also include Pay Per […]

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Bootstrap vs. WordPress

I received a phone call from a potential client that knew a little bit about web implementation who asked if I could make a bootstrap website for him. Of course, I replied. Bootstrap is as simple as it gets when making a website but I was curious as to why bootstrap and not straight HTML […]

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Why you need HdG Design?

This year I began a new company after working for other people as an Internet Developer since 1994.  I called it Havre de Grace Design, which means “Harbor of Grace Design” in English. It scares the living daylights out of me to be completely open about it.  There were many questions. Would people understand what […]

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The lifestyle of a Web Designer

A day in the life of a web designer I looked at this morning and there was a question about getting into web design just sitting there waiting to be answered.  I got the assumption that the person asking the question figured it was an easy life, easy job.  I want to put that […]

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Allocating your Advertising Dollars

How you should spend your businesses money? I have been expanding the search engine optimization portion of this blog for a few days now.  I hope these short tutorials have been useful in your business.  Today I want to touch on how your business should tie together the SEO portion of your website marketing/business marketing […]

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Researching the Competition with Google Alerts

Google Alerts = Automated Research A lot of business people ask me to divulge which tools I use to research their competitors and how I come up with ideas for website promotion.  Although I am not quite ready to give away all my secrets let me share one that every business person should be using, […]

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Learning WordPress

Web Designers Should Learn WordPress I think it has finally happened.  The web design community is realizing the value of WordPress for its clients.  Makes sense to me too.  Face it, your client will want to change the wording of a document, pictures, functionality, and much more over the course of owning their business website and […]

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THE TO DON’T LIST of SEO I get a lot of people here in Harford County, Maryland that want to know what to do as far as optimizing their websites or what is referred to as SEO.  When it comes to search engine optimization for a website owner, I think it might be better for […]

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