A brief note from Jeff Watters of Havre de Grace design

shopingcartI just wanted to reach out and introduce a service to help you increase your business. This service literally puts a salesperson on your payroll for almost nothing and you won’t have to match the FICA or pay healthcare cost.  With this service “You can stop wasting time chasing after the wrong leads and simply attract the customers who are your perfect fit.  Customers who love your business aren’t about the transaction, they’re about the relationship.”

And now that I’ve explained why I want to work with you, I’d like to tell you why you would want to work with me…

Here are the Cliffsnotes: You tell me who your ideal customers are and I will take the time to contact them and introduce them to your website and what you offer your clients.  I will also share your business ideas and contact information with them and encourage them to call you to examine your company as a potential business partner or supplier.  On top of that, I swear by my customer service and I can promise you’ll be embarrassingly doted on as a client.  Any existing client will tell you I am always at your beck and call when you need me.

Unsolicited Testimonial

Just Right Plumbing of Los Angeles says:Jeff, Before I hired you for our search engine optimization I normally have three to four calls a week from my website. Yesterday I got 62 calls. Today we had to turn away work and we have already done a months worth of business in the first week of this month.
Thank you,
John Pipkin

I’d love to hear back from you and get the scoop on what’s in the works for your business.  I know I can increase your profitability and save you money at the same time over hiring an additional sales professional.  Give me a call and let me get started.

Jeff @
Havre de Grace Design

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