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Search Engine Optimization Tips for those who Do-It-Yourself


Businesses looking for the #1 position in search results have a need for a good tip and I am going to give you a whopper of a tip in this article. Get yourself a blog built on the Word Press platform. In fact, if you can put the work into it blog from the Word Press website, your website, and Google’s very own Blogger. Each of these has an advantage and each has drawbacks as well. The drawbacks are more work, less time, the advantages are new customers that come to your website and become familiar with your services.

First and foremost, if you don’t have a Word Press website, get one. Word Press is free and very easy to customize. The caveat is that all the programs you may want to use are not free but you can do quite a lot with what is free. I suggest this to all my clients and it is a great way to open pathways that lead to your site.

What is hard is coming up with a regular blog post but that is true for any of the above named solutions and any article that requires you publish on a regular basis. No work equals no pay though and it is profitable for you and your company to blog everyday, week, and month.

Your company will profit the most from a Word Press blog hosted at WordPress.Org, home improvement companies and small businesses which need a quick and easy advertising solution that is inexpensive and uncomplicated. The reason those companies need a free service like Word Press is budget. The smaller the company the less of a budget they have to throw into marketing. If that is you go right on over and start building your blog today.

Blog ReadersAnother advantage of a Word Press blog is you can move it onto your own domain. This way a page on your site becomes your blog. Then each time the blog is updated another door is built leading clients to your site and eventually to you. Return is about 1 customer per 1,000 views, so make sure you share your post on Google plus, Facebook and Twitter. Doing so encourages people to read your blog and thereby have access to your site.

Finally, I mentioned Blogger above; this one blog has one real advantage over the other solution. It is owned by Google and Google literally will publish your post with a picture in their results when people search for your content. I have seen this take only a few minutes and really stick to search results. So in addition to Word Press, add Blogger to your repertoire for better results. Just don’t publish the exact same article.

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