Build Your Referral Network

How More Sales Happen.

When you partner with us you will be asked to attend a monthly meeting where you will be introduced to fellow business leaders.  Each member will take an interest in helping you create more business and each will have their own level of expertise. In order to join with us each member agrees to pass out other members coupons, refer people to their businesses and help each other grow.  It is at these meetings you will learn how to generate referral business in both good times and bad, regardless of the season.

Topics of Our Meetings

Each member introduces his/her business and gives a 30-second background of their business.  One member is selected to give a presentation, however it is not required for those people who are new to take part.  There is a meal served that is included in your monthly fee.  You are welcome to bring samples, give-a-ways, and other promotional merchandise.

The Teaching Moment

At each meeting we examine our core principals and teach ways to accomplish goals. Of course the goal of each meeting is to make our business members more profitable and their competitors less competitive. So don’t be surprised by how much passion our members have for our groups and how much they support other members. They know they can get everything they want out of life they want by helping others get what they want.

In the closing minutes we will present an idea to implement in your business to improve sales and service over the course of the next month. When the next meeting continues it is from this point we examine our successes and triumphs.

For more information contact us at 443-252-6170 or mail your brochure to 2130 Pulaski Hwy, #212, Havre de Grace, Maryland 21078.

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