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The Website Success Everyone Wants

Gaining Internet Success I am asked by my clients what is it they can do to make their website a complete success all the time.  Nothing new in the question but it is hard for any new client to achieve a top ranking unless they follow a specific formula.  They all want a million hits […]

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A brief note from Jeff Watters of Havre de Grace design

I just wanted to reach out and introduce a service to help you increase your business. This service literally puts a salesperson on your payroll for almost nothing and you won’t have to match the FICA or pay healthcare cost.  With this service “You can stop wasting time chasing after the wrong leads and simply […]

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Ecommerce for Web Designers

Ecommerce for New Web Designers Chris called from Mt. Rainier Maryland called to ask me about shopping carts for a website he created from HTML.  The site sold infused berries and needed approximately six variations for each type of berry.  Since Chris installed this site in HTML and because I looked at the site, I […]

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