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The future of the Internet

The future of the Internet In my last article I mentioned how the Internet combined devices into a single source.  In particular I wrote about how a simple device like a Smartphone combined television and Internet to complement telephone service.  That is something I predicted over 25-years ago but what is coming is going to […]

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Developing Ecommerce in the 21st Century

Commerce in the 21st Century Today almost every company has a website and most have an ecommerce section selling some product or service.  Let’s face it; the impersonal world of marketing has taken over the web just as predicted by my stone faced professor at UMass. When I studied web mastering, at least that is […]

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Site Redesigned by Havre de Grace Web Design

I have just done a redesign on the Bedding Hotline website and would like to get peoples opinions. See: and tell me what you think. One question is “Should I change the first page to a more traditional webpage or go directly to the products as it is. My thought is people want to […]

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Search Engine Optimization

18 Proven Tips to Fix your Search Rankings

If you need to improve your search ranking take these in order and apply them over time.  There is no one day solution unless you need a pay-per-click campaign. With that said let’s look at the 18-proven techniques you can start employing today to get more customers to your page.  Oh, you found this page […]

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Marketing Tools

Marketing Your Website

Havre De Grace Web Design Five things you can do right now to improve your search position Marketing is the most fundamental thing a company can do to improve their position in the search engines yet few do it very well.  In this brief article I am going to go over the five “very” most […]

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Testing the User Experience

Seek and Ye Shall Find It is conceivable you could look at your own website and discover some of the problems you might have or catch a mistake made in development. Obviously you should do this for your entire site to avoid many common problems, if you have the time, however, that is not the case […]

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UX and the Mobile Experience

Based on the needs of your users, you have a few options to consider as you bring your business to the Internet and mobile world. You must choose to make your website responsive when you are designing your Internet interface. I know that is my choice when I design a website.  This is the only elegant solution […]

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Hello Web Design World!

For those of us in the web design business we know all too well that it isn’t about getting digital pixels to line up just right.  Years of school and years of experience taught us that getting it on the web is just the beginning of the battle.  Anyone can march on an enemy but […]

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