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shopping_cartChris called from Mt. Rainier Maryland called to ask me about shopping carts for a website he created from HTML.  The site sold infused berries and needed approximately six variations for each type of berry.  Since Chris installed this site in HTML and because I looked at the site, I suggested he put it in WordPress and use WooCommerce with a SSL certificate.

Not everyone will agree with my solution for this web designer who has called for advice.  Let me clarify my reasons for this recommendation.  First, Chris has been designing with HTML for 18 years.  Just about as long as I have been doing the same thing, but Chris did not keep up with his skill set.  Therefore, WordPress is the best solution for him as it will allow him to include a shopping cart and complete his work.

WordPress is also perfect for the client because you could show her how to do something, like add a product, and she would not need to pay a web designer every time she needed something done.  A real win-win for all. I also recommended some courses for Chris that were applicable to learning WordPress and WooCommerce.  Since Chris has experience I felt he could manage to convert this site in a weekend of solid work if he completed the courses.  I haven’t heard back from him but I quoted a price just in case he needed me to do it for him.

A little advice

Before you hire a web designer please make sure they can complete the job.  I know that I would not take a job I could not complete.  If you are in the market for a website with a shopping cart please let Havre de Grace Web Design give you a quote.  You will find us reasonable and reliable.


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