Font choices ensure your message is understood.

Havre de Grace Web Design Helps Convey Your Message!

There are more than six hundred different types of font faces to choose from when you work with Havre de Grace Web Design.  In fact, the opportunities are endless.  For those that don’t know the choices are almost as important as the words you use to tell your website visitors about your products or services. Words represent values that companies commonly wish to project. The typefaces you chose are critical in conveying your business message through emotions.

Let me show you several examples:

  • Technical companies should choose a cool, aloof, minimalist type face. This will convey the message of being incisive and professional.
  • Other companies will want to choose a font face that is friendly. This is best conveyed by using a rounded font. It shows you are approachable.
  • Here is an example of a font that shows creativity, it is similar to the rounded font above, yet it sends a different message.
  • This says your business is a company you can rely on.
  • Health Care businesses should look to a font face set in a trustworthy Serif typeface.
  • Selling luxury services? Then choose an Elegant font!

Switch these typefaces and your message will be quite different. For companies that are creative, a single tweak to use is reversing a letter on an image in a logo. We’ll see this repeatedly, how one small adjustment, and it need only be one, can be enough to convey the message.

If your message is that your business is reliable choose a font set in a Slab Serif typeface. It looks solid and dependable.

Those companies selling luxurious services should choose an Elegant set such as the Didone style of typeface where there’s a strong contrast between the thick and thin parts of the stroke. This style of typeface is often used to convey exclusivity and sophistication.

Try this yourself, try taking these words or other commonly used adjectives that convey positive qualities of certain types of business and set them in a range of typefaces. Every typeface has its own personality. It’s often said that typefaces are like clothes, and as with clothes, you want to make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion.

The message matters and Havre de Grace Design will not limit your ability to convey your message, your way.  If you need assistance call us at 443-252-6170.

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