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Optimizing Your Business

worktogetherA fresh set of eyes can see it in less than a minute.  You won’t see it and neither will anyone who is familiar with your business.  Friends and family may not want to tell you what is wrong.  Fortunately you have an ally with HdG Design.  We have an inspection plan that will fix the little things.  Let me give you an example that has happened to me twice in the last year.

There is a restaurant in Bel Air, Maryland that has a blacked out ceiling with the duct work also painted black.  Looks pretty stylish and the food is okay.  I went there with my wife and a friend, Karen.  Karen said we would love the place but there was so much dust (gray) on the duct work it looked as if it would float down into the food at any minute.  I haven’t been back since.

The second restaurant has ceiling fans with the same problem.  Dust on the fans.  Now this may not seem like a big deal to some people but if your client has OCD it will cost you some business.  Now how many of us can afford to lose any business and this is just one small area of concern, there a dozens of little things you can do right now to start improving your business if you know what they are.  Obviously these two businesses did not realize this or they would have corrected the problem.


The Basics of Business Improvement

You must choose between employee and customer.  Which do you choose?  I hope you said the employee because a well trained employee will realize they are responsible to bring in customers.  But before it comes to that and it never should you, must ensure every person that works for your company realizes they are either directly or indirectly a sales person.  Their job is to ensure every customer is treated like a valued guest.  Such is the value of a well trained employee and this person is highly prized.

Havre de Grace Design is able to help you correct employee behavior.  We are experienced with how business works in the 21st century.  Our team is made up of specialist who know how to get things done.  You should HdG Design a call at 443-252-6170.

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