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and Business is War

For those of us in the web design business we know all too well that it isn’t about getting digital pixels to line up just right.  Years of school and years of experience taught us that getting it on the web is just the beginning of the battle.  Anyone can march on an enemy but it takes a battle hardened warrior to win the fight.  That is the only way we can claim victory.


25-years of working on the web have shown me the sweet taste of victory can only be measured in new customers beating a path to your door.  For our customers that is all we want to do, get buyers in front of your information.  Don’t ask me to get a million people to your site…  If you want a million people to go to your site post naked pictures of women.  I remember back in the 1990’s I told customers that we to create opportunities, not furnish entertainment.

I hope the people that read this – get it.  Havre de Grace Designs will do all we can to make it happen for you.  When we are done you will have the tools to be successful in every way on the Internet.  I cannot think of a company that delivers more than Havre de Grace Designs.  You will have your choice of:

  1. A fully functioning website built to your specifications
  2. Custom automated content design for your web pages and blog system
  3. Blog, yes, it is necessary to blog to be successful and we will build it right into your website for you
  4. Shopping cart if you want to sell products online
  5. Search Engine Optimization built in so your pages rank well
  6. Contact forms
  7. Social media sharing
  8. Images for each web page that build on your brand identity
  9. Video capability
  10. In house training so you can manage your site without paying someone to do it for you.

 Take action

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