How to Improve your Search Engine Optimization

How to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Recently a client asked me to help him improve his visibility on the search engines.  I took a look at his site, which was nicely done by a company in India back in February.  He paid around $1,500 for it but there was not much put into it in the way of search engine optimization (SEO).  Nonetheless it looked nice and this is what most clients want, a website that looks good.

Yet it is my point of view that a website that doesn’t make you a profit is fruitless if you’re a business person.  Everything we do as business people should result in a profit or at least work towards that goal.  This has been my point of view since the 90’s and it will be my point of view as long as currency buys the necessities of life.

Because of this experience I thought I would put down some common SEO tips for the business owner.  Here is a brief list of things you can do for yourself.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

  1. Install tags in your pages and post
  2. Make sure keywords are in your titles
  3. Focus on one subject per page
  4. Add keywords to your links
  5. Ensure each page is at least 300 to 600 words long
  6. Link to useful resources and reference material such as a Wiki
  7. Install a program that tracks your content to improve SEO

There are a lot of programs out there that will help you if you install them into your administration area.  I like Yoast Search Engine Optimization for WordPress myself as it is easy for my clients to understand.  It can be used with shopping carts such as WooCommerce and it will tell you what you can do to fix a page if needed.  Obviously there are programs for OpenCart, and other software systems, so if you are a business owner this could be something you can buy to help improve your results.

As far as the other six items in my list they are really self explanatory.  It makes sense to add tags and keywords and to focus on one subject.  The rest is also commons sense. My advice is to write these seven items down and double check every page in your system.  If you meet the criteria set here you will make more money from your website.  I know, I have been at this since 1994 and it just works.  Trust me.

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