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Web Designers Should Learn WordPress

WordpressI think it has finally happened.  The web design community is realizing the value of WordPress for its clients.  Makes sense to me too.  Face it, your client will want to change the wording of a document, pictures, functionality, and much more over the course of owning their business website and every web design company should empower their client to do so when they so desire.  This isn’t losing control fellow Internet professional, it is empowerment of the client, who refers other clients to your business.

Still, it makes me happy that I am getting calls from web designers who are ready to go beyond HTML and CSS and dive into WordPress. There is a lot to learn and I have found a resource that is easy to understand, no matter your skill level or lack of training.  I am including a video below and a link so you can start learning WordPress from one of its best teachers.  I believe the course is free for a limited time but it should not take you very long to complete the course.  At the most it is $37 and it is more than likely only $25 as you don’t need the files they offer to gain a complete understanding of the system.  There is also a free trial available too and you could complete the course before the trial expires if you don’t have much money.  Here is the introduction to one of the courses:

I suggest all my clients who are developing in the WordPress enviroment take this course (Get 10 days of free unlimited access to lynda.com.). I do teach it in their home office when I take on a project. Why pay to do something you can do yourself, control yourself? If you need help beyond what you find here call me at 443-252-6170 and I will help you.

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