Web Design styles

Havre de Grace Design can custom make any design you choose.  Any you can imagine.   However, most of the designs customers choose fall into one of seven main types of pages and we have stored these “main styles” as templates to quicken our response time and reduce the cost of web design to business people.  Every design has over 600 font styles to choose from, unlimited colors, sidebars, search, SEO Optimization tools, and much more.

Our web design team also has approximate 3 alternative designs for each template and will custom blend  designs to suit the customers needs.  Here are our main Responsive, Mobile Friendly, Website Designs to choose from shown with desktop, Tablet and IPhone/Android Phone views:

Style #1

0.-Alante-DemoOur full page layout with four column call-out allows you to showcase your best features right on the home page. The main area functions like a billboard and the four columns below are used to list the features you want your customers to know about right upfront. Used in the construction of this website to showcase our web design and hosting features. It features navigation in the header section and footer of the website on the pages and can link from anywhere in the pages.  This allows customers want to find information quickly.


Style #2

0.-Blockade-DemoThis layout allows you to layout  your best features in sections called blocks in the web design world and it is packed full of amazing features for a modern design presentation.  Sub pages have a side section (sidebar) that has additional navigation, blog articles, spaces for your website advertising messages (coupons) and links to your favorite articles.  Looks great on any size screen too!

Style #3

0.-Engrave-DemoA Three column layout allows you to showcase some of your best features the left menu is used as a marketing tool to promote your services.  You can also add your blog to the left side of the page. We suggest this style for people that have a lot of fresh content that search engines will catalog, thus increasing organic listings.  You can install a search engine optimization program as well in the control panel.

Style #4

0.-Evolution-DemoThis full screen layout allows you to showcase your images on the home page. There is a built-in search feature, dual side menu, photo layout and much more. Two step blog layout with tabs on the right for most popular and most recent articles.  Unlimited pages with many features.

Style #5

0.-Experon-DemoThe layout for this web design uses one main custom slider area and four main vertical blocks across the page to present a businesses strengths.  Also features up to three footer areas at the bottom of the home page for addition content, website search and blog as well.

Style #6

0.-Fresh-DemoBecoming ever more popular is the front page with the large photo.  With this fresh design you can show off your artwork and get your main message out quickly.

Style #7

0.-Grouped-DemoThis 3 column layout with full page sidebar allows you to showcase your best features right on the home page.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it cost?  Answer: $350 for any of these styles including five pages of content.
  • Do you offer hosting?  Answer: Yes, for $5 a month
  • What about the domain name?  Answer: We will register your domain name for $10.
  • What does custom programming cost? Answer:  That depends on the length of time and complexity.
  • How long does it take to complete?  Answer: Usually in about one week.  Adjustments can be made at any time by the website owner.
  • I am not a programmer, how can I make adjustments?  Answer: We will install a user friendly interface for non-programmers.
  • Will I come up on the first pages of Google?  Answer:  Yes and no, search algorithms change.  You need to stay on top of things, static sites get demoted by search engines.
  • Are there other expenses? Answer:  There could be.  It depends on how complex you want your site to be.  We can make pages for about $95 and whole sites start at $350.
  • How do I get in touch with you?  Answer:  Call 443-252-6170