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Havre de Grace Design is a business design that concentrates on developing revenue streams for small to mid-size businesses. It is a simple concept that business people can understand. First, let’s think this through for a second or two. What do businesses want? More customers and more profit and no off-seasons! That is something I knew I could deliver with ease. How I did it and is what amazes people to this day.

How Responsive Consulting Copes to the Evolving Market

What does it mean when we say every business needs to include responsive design? Responsive means a web page to most companies but that is only 1/3rd of the story.  A business must re-size to fit different needs of the customer and how this is done is by using the shotgun approach to business on the first layer.  Sure you can build a website but most of your customers are going to find you using the old fashion traditional methods like location and radio, television, or print media.  But if that worked for everyone it would be the end of the story. The facts are referral and relationship marketing works the very best.

This is responsive business design, so far, in the 21st century and it will evolve even further when more people connect with you via retina displays, referral advertising programming, and syncing of content which will give your business more headway into the marketplace.

What you need to do is include the full spectrum:

  1. Web pages and mobile apps
  2. Traditional Marketing/Advertising
  3. Referral Resources in addition to Social Media

The Responsive Design Solution

Mobile Girds and Responsive LayoutSTEP ONE: A website now must take the mobile first approach by laying out your web pages and content in grids. Then detecting the window size of the device screen and calling those grids to display properly through the @import feature, specifying the window size in the CSS. Havre de Grace Design will ensure every web page responsive on your site is friendly to all devices, because anything less is nothing on the Internet and in the near future will be unacceptable to every search engine in organic results. But as I mentioned before that is only 1/3rd of the story.

STEP TWO: The second step is to continue with your traditional marketing methods.  How marketing differs from advertising is marketing is presenting your brand consistently over the course of time and advertising is offering a product/service for sale.  You must do both to be successful.

Let me paint you a not so pretty picture. If you need to supply important company information to the public or make money by selling something on the web and your site is not built “mobile first” then you just threw your money away, wasted your time, accomplished nil, unless you pay for PPC and then it is still useless because most of your audience cannot view it properly. If you need to reach new clients and resort to traditional methods your success rate is only 1% using advertising, but if you use referral marketing your success rates climbs to nearly 80%.

STEP THREE: If your business sales have dropped off in recent months you need to think about this seriously. Your website and marketing/advertising will only do so much, but by joining a group of trusted business leaders you instantly gain credibility and access to their customer base, friends, and family.  This is something we can do for you by offering a balanced approach, plus other business consulting services.

OUR FEE:  $50 per month and you will certainly make many times your money back by following our methods.

These are the top 10 things we do for you:

  1. Get people to recommend you to their customers so you increase your business and customer base
  2. Do Reputation repair and enhancement
  3. Create a mailing list and newsletters
  4. Distribute coupons
  5. Create an online presence or enhance your online presence
  6. Mobile Smartphone applications
  7. Company Branding, videos, photography, and blog services
  8. Digital and Traditional Printing
  9. Business Networking
  10. Company Branding and Training

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