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So you need to ask yourself, what can I do to improve my websites search engine ranking?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has come to mean a lot of things to businesses. SEO is about the design strategies that one can implement to improve a website’s natural search engine ranking, but can also include Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, and linking strategies. SEO is daunting task for a small business owners and major corporations as well, due to the large number of factors involved in this highly specialized field of study. That is why large businesses hire Madison Avenue advertising companies to manage their search engine optimization, but a small business owners cannot afford to Madison Avenue executives.  So what do they do?  They hire a professional web design firm.

The Man Behind the Curtain

I have seen how other web design companies state they provide an analysis of your ranking. Any fool can do that for you. Do it yourself by going to and typing in your domain name and your global ranking will be displayed. At you will also be offered services to track your sites performance. Must be a lot of money in knowing how well you rank. A “Peter Meter” comes to mind but please excuse the vulgar comparison. Alexa’s services start at about $10 a month and go up from there. In my opinion unless you are doing millions of dollars of business on the Internet you don’t need that service and you certainly don’t need to know if you rank above or below some competitor.

What you do need to know is how much money you are putting in the bank. You also need to know how to get more of it, money that is, and how to keep it rolling in. I recall a customer of mine that once said she wanted a million hits on her website. “No problem” I said, “but wouldn’t you rather have customers?” I really wasn’t attempting to be a smart Ass, I just wanted to make a point.

This is the “man behind the curtain” that L. Frank Buam referred to in the Wizard of Oz and how it comes into play in the business world. If a company can convince you to improve your rankings then it is easy money for them. Any fool can do that too. Just add pages to your website that are not linked to the main content that refer to sex and your site and page rank will increase. Most website owners would never know about it because they don’t know how to access the file manager in their control panels. Heck, most business people don’t even know their username and password for their website.

Include some nudies and other related content and guess what, your page rank will go up. Like I said, any fool can do it, but ask yourself this one question, “Can you spend page rank?” I doubt that you can spend a dime of it. So be real with yourself and what it is you want to accomplish. I would much rather have clients tell me they want a new boat then page rank. I can understand a new boat and what the client wants. MONEY. And that is what I do when I undertake a project.

Just Right Plumbing of Los Angeles says: “Jeff, before I hired you for our search engine optimization I normally have three to four calls a week from my website. Yesterday I got 62 calls. Today we had to turn away work.
John Pipkin, owner”

How Havre de Grace Design can help

First and foremost don’t contact me if you don’t want to make more money. I could care less about your page rank. Give me a business person with a clear goal and I am happy to work the magic for them. I even teach them what to do and when to do it. Every website I do is designed to perform so it makes the client money. Havre de Grace Design provides its’ customers who subscribe to our SEO Program more than an analysis.

This is what we can do for you:

  • Page Results – We will process your pages into a format where your site comes up in the natural search results in multiple search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing).
  • Site Review and Analysis – A detailed analysis of the current keywords, metatags/descriptions, page titles, alternate text, and search terms used.
  • Modifications to keywords – After reviewing how your keywords are performing, and the actual search terms people are using to find your site, we will modify the keywords based upon the results and market trends.
  • Resubmit to Search Engines – After we have modified the keywords, we will resubmit your site to the search engines in order to keep your site in front of each search engine each quarter and maintain the traffic results.

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