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Allocating your Advertising Dollars

How you should spend your businesses money? I have been expanding the search engine optimization portion of this blog for a few days now.  I hope these short tutorials have been useful in your business.  Today I want to touch on how your business should tie together the SEO portion of your website marketing/business marketing […]

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THE TO DON’T LIST of SEO I get a lot of people here in Harford County, Maryland that want to know what to do as far as optimizing their websites or what is referred to as SEO.  When it comes to search engine optimization for a website owner, I think it might be better for […]

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Web Hosting Services

HdG Design offers three levels of website hosting   Business Web Hosting From a small business owner to an individual looking for a fully loaded web hosting plan on a budget, Hdg Design provides you with everything you need for your website. Basic web hosting is a solution that works for most companies. This type of hosting […]

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mobile friendly

If your business is not mobile friendly, you’re screwed!

If your business is not mobile friendly, you’re screwed! April 21st will live on in infamy for many business owners who don’t know what is coming or how to solve their problems when it happens. I am writing this message as a warning and plea to my fellow business owners in Maryland and throughout the […]

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Developing Ecommerce in the 21st Century

Commerce in the 21st Century Today almost every company has a website and most have an ecommerce section selling some product or service.  Let’s face it; the impersonal world of marketing has taken over the web just as predicted by my stone faced professor at UMass. When I studied web mastering, at least that is […]

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Schema Solutions


Find the right service for your company. Our most basic business friendly service website and hosting that gets your message out about your product or service. We offer a completely modern website that is customized to your needs and constructed using the very latest optimized for search engine recognition. This service is designed to drive traffic to a website […]

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This is what you need to know! Many businesses are being led to believe it is about the digital revolution. It’s not! Any fifteen-year-old can put something on the Internet for you. It is about gaining attention, creating desire, developing interest, and getting your customer to take action. You need to go beyond putting something […]

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