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Gaining Internet Success

I am asked by my clients what is it they can do to make their website a complete success all the time.  Nothing new in the question but it is hard for any new client to achieve a top ranking unless they follow a specific formula.  They all want a million hits and they all want to be doing better than they currently are now.  So why is it none of my clients will do everything I ask for?  Because it is a pain in the butt that takes a lot of their time!

The Secret to Internet Success

First, you must have content.  2,403 words of content on one page with a certain amount of targeted keyword placement and 300 to 600 on all other pages.  I know that number (2,403) is strange but that is what tested to be the most positive in Google and Bing.  Most likely because that number of words shows you are contributing to your content in a meaningful way.

Now this wordiness a tall order for most clients and it is the one request I almost never get fulfilled by any business.  Yet, it is the most important of all the secrets I am sharing here.  If you have a website please take a few days to get this done.  Just write, then add to it, then complete the task and rewrite with a purpose. If you must put all of your content on one page and then link to specific sections of your website for better results.

Second, you must have video on your website! is the number 3 search engine in the world.  So use it.  Make ten to twenty videos of whatever you feel will contribute to your website, give away some free advice, tips, tricks, and maybe even product samples.  Doing so will build a loyal following and attract new customers.

Finally, be consistant.  Blog, Vlog, Blog, Vlog.  and the Internet will beat a path to your door.  Add to your website as often as you have time.  My time is limited because clients come first and it seems I am always working on a clients project, but if you are just starting out that isn’t a problem you have at the moment.

Okay, I confess there is more to it than that, but I cannot give away everything for free.  If you need help call me and I will do what I can for you.  I help many people for free and started a $25 help desk so small businesses can get inexpensive solutions to their problems.


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