Why you need HdG Design?

Jeff57This year I began a new company after working for other people as an Internet Developer since 1994.  I called it Havre de Grace Design, which means “Harbor of Grace Design” in English. It scares the living daylights out of me to be completely open about it.  There were many questions. Would people understand what I do?  Would people say yes to a web design company that charged so much less than what other local companies were charging?  Would those people value such a service?  I have stated elsewhere on this website that a 15-year old can put something on the web for you and what I really do is not something a novice could understand.
So why do you need me?

On May 18th a doctor that is a friend of mine said she found a place to develop websites for free.  I explained to her there was a WebMD.com too, so why do you need a doctor.  If you can get a site designed for free, and some of them look good, why should someone hire me? As I stated above there are a lot of things that go into building a web business for a client.

There is a basic flaw in the perception in what we do as web designers and I use that term (web designer) loosely.  What we do is not about putting content on the web.  I have already stated that a child could do it.  What we do is not seen by the client when a site is in development.  Nope, no way.

I spend hours planing a site from its inception to its completion.  Thinking, rethinking, programming, selecting fonts, images, finding graphics, more programming, adding functionality, and reworking the wording of each page so the search engines bring my clients more customers. I also spend approximately 40-hours a month keeping up my skills and retraining.  The Internet changes all the time and the only way to stay on top of it is to constantly learn and apply the newest technologies.

I care about my clients.  I want them to succeed and make more money.  But I want something more for them and that is to have a leg up on this whole World-Wide-Web and the constant changes it brings to the marketing world.  My motto is “if a website doesn’t make you money, then why bother.”

What Havre de Grace Web Design Delivers

When we turn over your site you will have:

  • A fully functioning website that is modern and updated
  • Built in, easy to use, control panel that is understandable to a novice
  • Front-end web page edit option for quick revisions
  • Built in Search Engine Optimization tools
  • Control over your online Brand-Identiy
  • A fully repsonsive website design on all devices
  • Unlimited text, images, video, banners, ad space…

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What our customers are saying

Harbor Spice Co., Inc says: “Jeff…I am so pleased with your work in so many ways that I am at a loss for words. First of all, you’ve taken on this project without ever meeting me and have intuitively taken a creative and technical lead at making this job a priority. It is very hard to find designers and consultants like you and I look forward to working with you in a long term business relationship. I’m forwarding this to our office to get feedback and input. The improvements you have made are really cool and put us so far ahead of the curve as we try to grow this business and our products, process and people!
Warm Regards,

Just Right Plumbing of Los Angeles says: “Jeff, Before I hired you for our search engine optimization I normally have three to four calls a week from my website.  Yesterday I got 62 calls.  Today we had to turn away work.

John Pipkin”

Llojenn, Inc of Churchville, MD says: “I have worked with web design companies in the past but yours is the first one I like working with.

Lloyd Shue”

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